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The Drupal ChipIn module enables users to insert a ChipIn widget which enables group money collection for any purpose. The ChipIn widget is a small indicator of the progress of your event that you can add to your Web pages.

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  • The ChipIn widget can be easily added to any post on your Drupal Web site and helps to promote your ChipIn event to your site visitors.
  • The widget provides real-time updates on the amount contributed to date, the percentage of the goal reached, and the number of people contributing.
  • By clicking on the "ChipIn!" button on the widget, visitors will be taken to your event invitation page where they can contribute to your ChipIn.


Use this thread to shape my roadmap - #652832: Is a drupal-chipin integration module needed by anyone and if YES what features?

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The module was abandoned until rsvelko took it under hiw maintainance - 5.x and 6.x versions to come soon.

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