The check project provides a drush extension friendly to monitoring the status of Drupal sites from systems like Sensu, Jenkins, or even - if you must - Nagios.

This module provides a drush extension that can check on Drupal sites. It tries to leverage the powers of drush to be as Drupal version agnostic as possible and because it can be installed on the server as a drush extension rather than on the individual site it can be leveraged to monitor Drupal sites without installing any agent or risking exposing any sensitive data. The module creates a `drush check` command which will run a set of checks and exit using Nagios compatible exit codes (0 OK, 1 WARNING, 2 ERROR, 3 UNKNOWN).


  1. Install Drush
  2. Run drush dl check


Check for a successful Drupal bootstrap, recent cron run, and that there are no available security updates:

drush check --all

Differences with the Nagios module

This module differs from the Nagios module in that the nagios module is intended to provide an HTTP endpoint that Nagios checks can be configured to query and a corresponding bash script to run on your nagios server, this module is intended to be run on the drupal host and designed with the explicit goal that nothing need be added or modified on the Drupal site to enable monitoring. It works especially nicely as a sensu plugin check because sensu executes checks using a local agent on the host being monitored.

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