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Custom Contextual Links

The Custom Contextual Links module allows you to add your own links to the contextual drop down widgets of blocks and nodes.

Contextual links are really great for quick access to settings pages within your Drupal install. They cut down the time required to click through the sometimes cumbersome Drupal administrative navigation. However, the links displayed in the contextual widget need to be defined through a module. This is where CCL comes in. This module allows you to add and manage custom links through a UI that will be displayed in the contextual widgets.

You can add contextual links to:

  • a single node
  • all nodes of a content type
  • all nodes
  • a specific block
  • all blocks
  • all views
  • all displays of a specific view
  • all specific display of a view

Node action links support so far:

  • make a node sticky/unsticky
  • publish/unpublish a node
  • Promote/remove a node from the home page

Local action links can be assigned to pages with a similar interface like core blocks. The visibility can be controlled by:

  • path
  • content type
  • user role

Additionally you can also use Drupal core tokens for title and links. This allows to create a link like "node/[node:nid]/devel" which will add a link to the devel view of a node into the contextual widget.


New features for the 7 branch are put on hold until we have a stable release for 8.


Thanks goes to bmx269 for the idea and sherakama for the help and feedback.
Also to circuscowboy for his work on the views submodule and to BarisW for the implementation of Features support.

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