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This module is no longer maintained.

Writing timesheets is annoying and also managing jobs and time spent by developers is a pain. You need a quick process. This module tries to provide that by giving a node an inline form. The timesheet entries are views-ready and there is a simple timesheet view for both the node and the user. Some improvement is still pending to make nice time grouped summaries.

This module will also feature support for rates management. Put simply, if you sell support at one rate in advance (which we do at Em Space), but have levels of support which require billing at different rates - it can get perplexing. This module provides a method.

You to log time against any node type and it's almost not dependent on anything - but for a couple of reasons please assume that this is a extension of, and has a dependency on, Case Tracker. (There were also some Date API dependencies which I think have been removed but in the alpha I'm not 100% sure.)

There are some settings which I'm not quite ready to code into the Admin UI until I'm sure they're right. These must currently be added to your settings.php like so:

// These should become settings.
// Cost per hour
$conf['casetracker_work_base_cost'] = 60; // 60 martian dollars per hour is our baseline.
// Currency
$conf['casetracker_work_base_currency'] = 'MAR';
// Default rate if none for user
$conf['casetracker_work_rate_default'] = 'L1';

// Rate information will be stored in the db.
$conf['casetracker_work_rates'] = array(
    'code' => 'L1',
    'title' => 'Level 1',
    'description' => 'First level website support.',
    'cost_hour' => null,
    'time_factor' => 1, // so level 1 support is MAR$60
    'code' => 'L2',
    'title' => 'Level 2',
    'time_factor' => 1.33, // so level 2 support is MAR$80 (60 x 1.33)
    'cost_hour' => null,
    'description' => 'Second level website/design/development support. This is specialist support that consumes your available support hours faster.',
    'code' => 'C1',
    'title' => 'General consulting',
    'cost_hour' => .99 // 99 martian cents per hour anyone?
    'time_factor' => null,
    'description' => '',

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