This module integrates the Campaign Monitor API into Drupal so you can give users the ability to subscribe and unsubscribe for your Campaign Monitor manage lists through a block on your Drupal site.

You must have an account with Campaign Monitor ( to use this module.


Drupal 8 Verson

Currently in alpha, the D8 version of this module is mostly an upgrade of the same functionality in D7 with the following modules:

An extra module called campaignmonitor_campaign is being built to allow a Drupal node type to be used to create campaigns, using view modes to generate the campaign. This is to a certain extent experimental; the biggest downside is that Drupal creates a ton of css and Campaign Monitor, even thought it makes the css inline, does not remove the css from the Head element in the final html template.

Testing and feedback welcome.

New submodule in progress for saving CM subscriptions locally and displaying them in the Admin People view.

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