The fine granularity of control over cache tables and function makes this module the ultimate tool to clear the Drupal caches.

It ships with a predefined set of actions, but its biggest strength lays in its configuration, where one can build any number of custom presets to fit almost any need on both development and production environments.
It is suitable for any role, starting from developers to administrators or editors. Access to each preset can be limited by permissions.

It allows mixing core and contrib cache tables and/or functions with low level custom rules to always clear just what's necessary, reducing precious development time.

Using this module minimizes time spent waiting for all the caches to be cleared when you a just need to recognize a new template file, for ex.


Also starting from version 3.x the module supports clearing of the memcache and varnish cache.


* Configurable cache clear

* UI for advanced cache clear using 'cache_clear_all()'

* Clear on cron call

* Clear on rule call

* Drush support

(starting form 3.x)

* UI for Varnish cache

(starting form 3.x)

* UI for Memcache cache

(starting form 3.x)


It fully integrates with the Drupal 7 core admin menu,
also with the popular Administration Menu module and the Commerce Kickstart 2.

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