Cache Purger
Cache Purger Screenshot
Performance configurations page

Purges blocks/views caches when entities get updated
Allow site admins to purge cache for a specific block by clicking on the purge icon.
Automatically purge selected entities when they are saved or updated.

Compatible with:

  • Node
  • Views
  • Blocks
  • Memcache
  • Nodequeue

At the moment there is no intention to have the functionality to purge page cache, which means, for anonymous users to see the updates you still need to clear the page cache. Page cache flush can possibly be added in the future if users find it necessary, please comment.


Put the modules into your sites/module folder
Enable the module and set user permissions
Visit Configuration > Development > Cache Purger


Visit /admin/config/development/performance
or via menus: Configuration > Development > Performance

If you tick 'Purge blocks cache automaticaly when an update happens' Cache Purger will
flush blocks cache when changes are made on entities and nodequeues, etc

Visit the permissions page and set them accordingly /admin/people/permissions#module-cache_purger

Flushing blocks

Click the flush icon when you see the it

Automatic flushing entity cache

On the configuration page, tick the entities that should be automatically flushed

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