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This module provides integration with bxSlider


  • Carrousel integration with Views & Views slideshow
  • BxSlider integration

Requirements & Links to useful resources


  • bxslider
  • carrousel, carousel
  • slideshow
  • views slideshow
  • callbacks
  • responsive

How to

  1. Install the required modules (See Requirements above !)
  2. Copy bxslider package you downloaded from the official site : /sites/all/libraries/bxslider (if bxslider doesn't exist create it, and that you have : /sites/all/libraries/bxslder/bxslider.min.js)

FYI: Captions

If you want a specific field for the captions and do not how to do it with tokens or something else you co do something like this:
==> See right side for image.
By default he takes the title from the image.


It is best to use the latest version of jQuery that works ie: 1.8
Better performance and few bug fixes in jQuery.
jQuery Update

I accept requests !

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