Bundle Copy for Drupal 8

Bundle Copy is in Drupal 8 Core CMI!

Bundle Copy is a replacement for the Content copy module which lives in the CCK project for Drupal 6.


This module has export/import support for:

  • Node types
  • Taxonomy
  • User
  • Field API fields
  • Field groups

You can find the export/import links for the supported entities on following paths:

  • Nodes: admin/structure/types
  • Taxonomy: admin/structure/taxonomy
  • Users: admin/config/people/accounts

A simple hook is available for your own custom entities, see bundle_copy.api.php.


Users other than user 1 needs the following permission from the PHP module to import: use PHP for settings

  • Features is also a great to way to export content type definitions and other data, but sometimes you just want to export and import very fast with a simple copy/paste action.
  • Drush Ctex Bonus: a set of drush commands extending CTools export functions.

7.x-2.x-dev notes

The following features have been added:

  • Export/import of Field Collection
  • Cloning of Content types
  • Export/Import of Commerce Entity bundles
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