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16 Jan 2012 -
The features provided by the Bookmarks module are being consolidated into the Advanced Menu Module. This is being done as both of these modules override the core menu module to permit non-admin users access to menu functions which form the core of both the Advanced Menu and Bookmarks modules.

I am presently working on the final touches of the converter code which will convert your Bookmarks installs into Advanced Menu installs. This conversion will work for D6 -> D6 and D6 -> D7 conversions.

I expect to have this ready soon.

What is the Bookmarks module?

Bookmarks provides a unique (non-shared) menu to each user. The menu can be modified / updated by the individual users and by the site admin (or anyone who has those permissions). Bookmarks can also be made public and they will appear on the user profile page. For example, user 1 would have public bookmarks at bookmarks/public/1.

The dependency on DHTML Menus has been removed with the 6.x-2.x series. The latest release of DHTML Menus interfaces directly with the menu system. The module will continue to function without DHTML Menus but all folders will always be expanded. To get collapsible folders you will need to install a module that provides this. DHTML is known to work with this module.

You can now specify default bookmarks which will be added to all new users and preset bookmarks which are bookmarks that are defined by the system administrator and can later be added by the user. For example:

The site admin defines a group of presets (
----Patch Spotlight

Instead of the user having to create this same group they can go to the presets tab and select add folder to have this group added to their bookmarks.

Patches/code/feedback is always welcomed.

Please be sure to read the release notes as they will contain important information about the changes being made.

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