Screenshot of the book search tab.

Book Search defines a new search tab that lets your users perform simple searches of book content on your site. The books available for searching from the book search form may be configured in your search settings, and users have the option of searching any available book or specifying in a checkboxlist which books to search. Search results include the name of the book of which the result page is a part.

This module also defines a block that will only appear when a user is browsing a book that is searchable via the book search form. The block contains a simple search form that when submitted redirects to the search form page for the book the user was viewing.

The book search form will also persist book selections based on the path and will remove the "book:##' keyword from the search keywords textfield element. Ideally, work from this module will lead to a patch for the core search module to enable the same behavior in the advanced content search.

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