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Book helper order tab

The Book helper module improves Drupal core book module functionality.

Drupal core Book module does a great job at building custom site sections. The Book helper module enables additional features from Drupal menu system to improve the ordering of a book pages. This module also allows administrators to further customize a book's navigation block.


  • Enhances the book outline manager.
    • Allows a book's link title to be different then the node's title. This behaviour is similar the menu system's default behaviour.
    • Adds 'enable' checkbox (aka hidden) to the manage book outline page.
  • Adds 'enable' checkbox (aka hidden) to the manage book outline page.
  • Adds an 'Order' tab (node/%/order) to a book's main page.
  • Adds 'administer own book outlines' permission for ordering books from a book's main page.
  • Removes the 'Outline' tab from all nodes.
  • Removes the book fieldset from node edit pages if the content type does not allowed book outlines.
  • Removes 'add child page' and 'printer-friendly version'.
  • Removes book navigation.
  • Customizes visibility of a book's navigation elements.
  • Automatically 'Create new book' for selected content types.
  • Includes 'Book (inline) navigation' block that can be easily positioned after a node's content.
  • Disables new revisions from being created when a book's node title is updated.
  • Displays a warning when deleting a book page (node/%/delete) that has child pages.
  • #283045: Allow top-level pages to be removed from books
  • Keeps a book's main page's menu link active while navigating to lower-level book pages. (for D7 only)


  • Book (core): Allows users to structure site pages in a hierarchy or outline.

Similar modules

  • Book made simple: Automatic creation of a book and simple creation of child pages.
  • Menu Editor: Enhances the menu editing form with inline text fields for title, path and description, and provides placeholders for new items.

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