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Version 6.x-2

Block Region is used to propagate block settings to all installed and active themes. This is a useful functionality for multi-theme sites (eg: a site where each different user can theme his own blog keeping displayed blocks intact).
The module not only shares block settings, it also tries to guess where the block is most likely to be set in other themes (eg: “left section” matches to “Left Sidebar 1″ more than “Footer”). Right or not, a choice is made and the block is placed. You still can edit its position manually from the same admin page, after switching to the problematic theme.

Two are the possible sharing options:

  • Apply all settings except "Region" to all themes' blocks: will copy block title, its status, visibility options, etc for each block set in the current theme to all the active themes on the site
  • Apply "Region" to all themes matching that region names are similar to this theme ones: will try to match region placement for each block of the current theme within all the regions of each active themes

5.x-1.x-dev, 4.7.x-1.x-dev

Note of the maintainer: these version are likely to fall in disuse.

Block region was designed to address the following issues and bugs that may crop up in block configuration installs when multiple themes are present:

  1. Configuring settings separately for each theme is awkward/error prone
    Some users have complained that block configuration is difficult for multi-themes, because each block status, weight, and throttle settings need to be made separately for each enabled theme. This simple module provides a fix, allowing the configuration of these block settings for all themes at once. "Placement" (which region to put the block in) becomes the only setting still configured separately for each theme.
  2. Only the default theme displays on block configuration (other themes look the same as default), and all settings, including placement, are applied to all themes.
    When trying to configure blocks by theme, an issue with theme initiation may cause only the default theme to be displayed and all themes to get the default theme's settings. With blockregion in place, each theme will be configurable again.

Enable this module and admin/block will provide global block settings (the default theme). Block configuration for other enabled themes will allow only "Placement" (selection of region).


Originally written by nedjo. Drupal 5 update by ax. Drupal 6 update and currently maintained by dalad.

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