Block Cache Alter

Alter cache settings per block. Cache settings per block are now set in code, but if you don't like the default - usually none - you can now easily change this. Install this to speed up block rendering for authenticated users.

The Drupal 6 version works again after #1173012: Blocks lose settings during update.php and cache clears got committed to Drupal core. A patch is available here #1194880: _block_rehash() overwrites the caching mode set by Block_Cache_Alter module and is also in the 6.x-1.5 release.

The module also comes with 2 core patches (Only D6 for now) you can apply to the block module which will make block caching much smarter. You'll be able to set expire times per block or clear the cache on drupal core actions (nodeapi, comment and user) and nodequeue changes (currently only dev version).

  1. blockcache_alter_with_node_grants.patch: most users should use this one.
  2. blockcache_alter_no_node_grants.patch: Experienced users can use this one if one of your installed modules is implementing a node_grants hook. Drupal checks on this and whenever 1 or more hooks are found block caching is disabled completely. Handle with care though, this might cause problems, be sure to test your site completely if you apply this patch.

Note 1: you can run this module *without* applying a patch, you simply don't get that much options for refreshing a block. More info is available in the Readme
Note 2: If you apply the patch, the module must be enabled always since the patches uses functions only available in the blockcache alter module.

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