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What is Bassets?

Bassets (Better Assets) is a client-server solution for storing and managing of digital assets (pictures, videos etc.).

This distribution contains the Bassets client as an independent installation profile, although the client can be used in existing Drupal sites as well by installing the modules listed below.

The installation profile of the associated server can be found on the Bassets project page.

A 'Connection Wizard' simplifies the necessary steps for mutually introducing client and server. The number of clients has no technical limit. The authentication between client and server is based on OAuth. All systems involved therefore have to be able to connect to each other. The Features module sets several content types and establishes workflows.

Current Status of Asset Management

Currently Bassets can manage assets of the type "picture". Bassets automatically reads Exif- and IPTC-Metadata of the pictures uploaded, like: description, photographer, copyright notice, GPS data, date/time.

Bassets also provides calculated values like height/width, ratio, color space, orientation.

Additionally, caption text, keywords, categories and licence data can be maintained centrally. Centrally maintained meta data are provided to all connected clients. The editor can block picture use by clients and - if activated - push updated versions of pictures to the clients.

Integration of other assets like documents, video and audio files is planned for the future, see "TAKE PART AND DOWNLOAD".

System Requirements

Requirements for the Server

In addition to the general Requirements for Drupal 7.x:

  • PHP-Curl library
  • >= 256M PHP memory (memory_limit)
  • >= 600 PHP script execution time (max_execution_time)



The following Bassets modules will be installed by the installation profile:

Take Part and Download

Further development of Bassets can be supported by:

  • Testing of the software in various environments and documentation of any errors and problems found in the Issue-Queue of the project site
  • Providing improvements for an optimal system and information architecture
  • Financial sponsoring in order to accelerate development
  • Using Bassets in production and actively talking about it


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