About Basic webmail

The Basic webmail module allows one to read and write e-mail through an IMAP mail server. There are not a lot of fancy features (thus the name), just a usable webmail client.

#D7CX: Drupal 7 stable release status

Here's what the current plan is:

  • For 7.x-1.x, I'm just going to do a straight update from D6 to D7. This is in process but is currently available only as a development version.
  • After that's done (or close to done), I'm going to create a new 7.x-2.x branch and start the refactor process there. It won't be a total rewrite, I'm just going to restructure some things and change to using other modules where it makes sense to (like using Views for the mail list). (I've actually started some of this in the 1.x branch, due to the size and complexity of the module. The additional features, like Views integration, will still not happen until 2.x.)
  • After that's done and fairly stable, I'm going to create a new 7.x-3.x branch to start implementing some new functionality that I've had in my mind to create.

Update (2013-04-16): the above plan is still valid. However, I did more refactoring in the 1.x branch than I originally planned, so the 2.x branch may not be as drastic of a change as I had imagined.

Security Concerns

This module stores users' email account password in plain text in the data column of the users table. If you choose the "Use the user's account e-mail address and password for checking e-mail." option in the configuration settings, this means that their website password is the same as their email password and is stored as plain text in the database. If you are using this module in a closed or controlled environment (like for inter-office email), this may not be too much of an issue. If you would prefer that the users' passwords were not so accessible, this module will utilize either the Encryption (http://drupal.org/project/encrypt) or AES encryption (http://drupal.org/project/aes) modules to encrypt and decrypt the users' email passwords, as necessary. Please note that if you enable encryption after using this module, users will have to re-save their passwords for the encryption to start.

This module has a permission setting called "access users' email addresses". This permission gives users sending emails with Basic webmail access to the email addresses of the users of your site. It is used for automatically populating the To, CC, and BCC fields of the send mail form. If you don't want everyone having access to all the users' email address on your site, then do not give anonymous or authenticated users this permission.

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