Status message

This organization is a Drupal services provider.


We offer a variety of website services, from basic installation, to custom development. We also offer maintenance and support services for your Drupal website and/or server.

  • Basic services
    • Installation, setup and configuration of Drupal and/or contributed modules.
  • Development
    • Custom module development.
    • Modifications of existing contributed Drupal modules.
    • Upgrading or downgrading contributed modules to work with your Drupal website.
  • On-going service and support
    • Updating Drupal and/or contributed modules to the latest releases.
    • Technical support and troubleshooting for your Drupal website, installed contributed modules and/or server.
    • Backups of your Drupal website and database.


We have been doing computer consulting work for the past 23 years, including just about everything from removing spyware to designing and setting up networks and servers utilizing a variety of hardware and software.

We are currently focused on developing and supporting Drupal modules and sites, and our experience with systems administration helps with providing better services in those areas.

Drupal contributions

We were the primary organizers for the Drupal User Group of Las Vegas, NV from February 2011 to January 2014:

We presented at many of the DUGLV meetings and at several DrupalCamps in the Southwest, including:

We created these modules/themes/distributions:

We currently maintain these modules/themes/distributions:

We currently co-maintain these modules/themes/distributions:

We created, maintained, and/or co-maintained these modules/themes/distributions in the past, but we are no longer actively contributing to them:

We have also contributed patches and helped with issues for Drupal and many other modules, themes, and/or distributions.

Projects supported

PHPMailer, Basic webmail, Courier MTA, Marinelli, Bluemarine, Checkmail