This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module abstracts authorization consumers, such as Drupal Roles, Organic Groups, Workbench Access Sections, and providers, such as LDAP, into pluggable consumer and provider classes. Originally the initial classes came out of the LDAP project, but they are needed for some other authorization models and were already designed to be decoupled from the LDAP groups providing the authorization.

This module is a requirement for the 8.x-3.0 branch of LDAP authorization and contains the ldap_authorization_drupal_roles module renamed as authorization_drupal_roles.

LDAP Organic Groups will either be moved in here as authorization_og or, preferably, as a separate module.

To implement an Authorization provider or consumer please look at the ldap_authorization provider module (8.x-3.x) and the authorization_drupal_roles consumer module within the Authorization project itself.

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