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Please contact Todd Nienkerk if you are interested in taking over maintenance of this module.

About Author Taxonomy

Author Taxonomy allows you to assign one or more authors to a node using terms from a taxonomy of author names. This module also provides a fully themable replacement for your byline (the "submitted by Username on date" text).

  • Displays author names in a serialized manner: "Jane and Jack" or "Jane, Jack, and Joe."
  • Replaces your theme's default post information output (the "submitted by Username on date" text). This is possible in the 5.x version, but it requires changing some lines in your theme.
  • NEW! Author terms can be associated with actual user accounts. (6.x-1.x only.)
  • IMPROVED! Links each author term to either: (1) a page that lists all nodes tagged with that author or (2) the profile of the user associated with that author. (Option 2 is available only in 6.x-1.x.)
  • Option to overwrite the "real" author -- that is, the user who created and published the node -- if one of the author taxonomy terms matches a username.
  • Timestamps can be customized using PHP's date() function format strings.


Development of this module is sponsored by Four Kitchens, That Other Paper, and PHM Society.

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