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The Audio Streaming Player module displays a themeable Audio Player in a
Drupal block witch you can assign to any Drupal Region.

You can define the streaming URL from the module administration page.
You can also select from three different skins and enable the autoplay feature.


jPlayer library. Download it from


1. Download and unpack the Libraries module directory in your modules folder
(this will usually be "sites/all/modules/").
2. Download and unpack the "Audio Streaming Player" module directory in your modules folder
(this will usually be "sites/all/modules/").
3. Download and unpack the jPlayer plugin in "sites/all/libraries".
Make sure the path to the plugin file becomes:
4. Go to "Administer" -> "Modules" and enable the "Audio Streaming Player" module.


1. Go to "Configuration" => "Media" => "Audio Streaming Player" to configure the module
2. A form is displayed to perform the following actions:
* Include the url of the audio you want to play.
* Select one of the skins for the player (Circular Player, Black Player and Text Based Player)
* Establish whether the player will have the auto-play feature.


If you will like to create a custom skin for you web site, you can do so
by selecting the Text Base theme and overwriting the css from your
theme's style sheet.

If you like to implement a persistent audio player that would continue
playing as the user browses the pages, we recommend to implement Ajax Pages Module
( witch we have test and works
perfectly with this "Audio Streaming Player".

Recommended modules
Ajax Pages


Special thanks to kevin.coto for the hard work.

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Provided the developers.

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