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This organization is a Drupal services provider.

We are specialized in developing top-tier Web Solutions using open-source technology such as Drupal, Word Press, etc.

We take an agile approach that evolves into detailed wireframes and innovative solutions, fully responsive websites, e-commerce solutions or Intranets; that work on any device without compromising user experience or performance.

Unlike every other agency in the marketplace, we take part in the delivery of highly-complex sites in the $350,000 range for influential organizations across the globe on a daily basis, while simultaneously creating awesome sites for small businesses, landing pages, banners and rich media for digital agencies in the U.S.

We are experienced technology professionals providing the highest levels of quality and service. ParallelDevs brings together a team of technology professionals with decades of experience in delivering the best products to meet your company’s needs. Our experience helps us to help you, whether it is simply delivering a high-quality, fully functional product on-time and bug-free; or whether you need some help in determining just exactly what is right for your company, and at what price. ParallelDevs’s team has the experience and professionalism to work together with our customers to provide you with the right set of options to address your challenges, and always to provide solutions that work for you. Our project management personnel are fluent in English; we work hard to understand both the potential complexities and trade-offs of different technology solutions, as well as the nuances of specific design needs. ParallelDevs’s offices are located in San Jose, Costa Rica. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best products and technology available anywhere in the world. We strive to demonstrate these values in our work:

  • Quality

    Which differentiates us from our competitors.
  • Integrity

    We are always honest and direct in communicating with our clients.
  • Value

    We always work to provide the best product at the lowest cost; we make our customers aware of potential trade-offs they may face when evaluating quality and cost.
  • Results

    We work to guarantee that our processes dictate the best results.
  • Metric Driven

    We provide all of our customers with project status indicators so that they are always aware of how their projects are progressing and can evaluate our progress against our projected timelines and budgets.

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punch-in-and-out, Visual Content Layout, siteby, AddressField CR, Yahoo Weather Search Widget, Git Current Branch bar, Audio Streaming Player, Black & White Flag Icon Set

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