This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

screen shot of attribution block

This module may be used by maintainers of Drupal modules and themes to create an attribution block or an attribution page that can be used to display the license and attribution information about third party materials (such as code libraries, fonts, icons and images) that are included in a repository and need to be documented and/or publicly attributed.

The declarations concerning licenses and attributions are pulled from files named ASSETS.yml. The idea is that a repository containing 3rd party materials have all necessary documentation for attribution and/or exception granting purposes in a single machine-parseable file that is also human-readable.

The typical use case for this module is to assist a site-builder using a lot of non-code assets that are available under free/libre licenses that allow reuse, but require attribution (e.g. CC-BY) in collating and presenting these attributions as required by the licenses.

Please note that this module will do nothing on its own. Only download and install it if it is listed as required or recommended by another module or theme, or want to look at it in order to read the documentation about the proposed .yml-based data serialization format and participate in the development of this format.


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    Will link to online help and advanced help (if available).
  • Composer Manager:
    This module allows modules to depend on PHP libraries managed by Composer.

Demo module

The project also contains a demo module (Attributions Demo) that displays (bogus) attributions on a site. Testers may enable it to see how attributions are displayed. The screenshot on the right shows the attribution block output from this demo module. Note that the demo module is only included for demonstration and testing purposes, and does not have any use beyond that. You should not enable it on a production site. It may be removed from the repo at some point.


The format is not stable yet, so only use this for testing purposes.

If the format (or some variant of it) is accepted by the LWG as the preferred way of documenting the presence of third party materials in a repo, a "wizard" will be developed to automatically generate the ASSETS.yml-file from form based input and/or from scanning license files present in the repo.

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