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Support for the Assetic asset management framework in Drupal.
With this module you can use Assetic as asset management tool in Drupal. So you can use frontend development tools like SASS, Compass, LESS and many more .

The purpose of this module is to have a solid foundation for the base functionality of Assetic, so other modules can add filters through the use of hooks.



  1. Install both of the dependencies above before enabling this module.
  2. You also need to install the library itself and its dependency. Download both and put them in their correct folders (see the README.txt for more details).
  3. Then you can enable each of the submodules to add support for the filters included in the Assetic library.

The module is currently is in heavy development and any help is appreciated!


  • Implement a Drush command for dumping compiled assets.
  • Extend the documentation about the API.

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