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The Asset module proposes a new approach to the media management in Drupal, resolving a long-standing problem of reusable media files (images, videos, documents, etc) that evolved into the problem of reusable media content (images/videos/documents/etc with the attached content like description/licence/etc).

The Asset module provides new entity called Media Asset and the set of Media Assets examples (Image, Video, Audio, Document, Image Gallery, Free HTML), which can be enabled optionally.

Brand new interactive UI is now available in the stable package and on demonstration website.


  • New entity - Media Asset, with opportunity to create new types of Media Assets via administration UI.
  • Since Assets are fieldable entities, they can contain any kind of data that field API can provide.
  • View mode management via default Field UI interface. New view modes can be added to the Media Asset configuration, so the content can be rendered in the different way due to the context or user selection.
  • 2 levels of the Media Asset modification are available:
    • Asset edit form for the global modification of mandatory fields (instantly available for all embeds of this Asset);
    • Asset override form to manage optional fields (like description, view mode: small, large image/video) directly in the CKEditor for the in-place embedding.
  • Wide integration with CKEditor module:
    • provides an opportunity to add any type of Media Asset into any textarea (via native CKEditor plugin interfaces);
    • search interface of Media Assets that are already available on the site;
    • native dialog interfaces for the Media Asset modification;
    • rendering of the real view (that would be available on the page) of all Media Assets in the WYSIWYG (user can even play videos or watch embeded js widgets);
    • copy/paste/move of the Media Assets within the textarea.
  • Views / Reference dialog wide integration.
  • Views based dashboard that displays the contributed Media Assets. In-place preview of the Media Assets.
  • Feeds module integration - available in dev release


  • Release of 1st stable version
  • Multilanguage support (default or/and Entity Translation)
  • Solr integration
  • Revisions, workflow
  • Asset page submodule

Predefined assets

  • Image
  • Video
  • Document
  • Audio
  • Gallery
  • Free HTML



Recommended modules

Entity reference
References dialog


D7 version of the Asset module is developed by Adyax for the Rue89 project.
Initial development of D5 version was done by Wim Mostrey and was partially sponsored by CivicActions.
Later the module was ported to D6 by Rue89.

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