The Architecture module provides reports documenting how your Drupal site is architected.

Currently it provides eight reports available as CSV downloads, plus three reports in the form of HTML pages.

CSV downloads

  • Content Types CSV
  • Entity Fields CSV - Information about entities, bundles, and fields
  • Nodequeues CSV
  • Image styles CSV
  • Menus CSV
  • Vocabularies CSV
  • Views CSV
  • User Roles CSV

HTML Reports

  • "Site Entities" lists all content types, taxonomies, and other Drupal entities that have been defined for your website. Entities that are fieldable also include a list of all fields for that entity.
  • "Site Taxonomies" lists all taxonomies and their associated terms.
  • "Site Variables" lists all variables and their values.

These reports are not intended to provide an administrative interface for editing or configuring your website. The purpose of this module is to provide some easy-to-read documentation of how your site is put together. The reports are designed so they can be viewed online but also easily copied-and-pasted into word processing documents or spreadsheets for sharing information with people who don't necessarily need to see a lot of technical detail or specialized Drupal terminology. (I created this module so I could create some reports for discussing site design with clients and sharing specifications with other developers.)

The recommended branch of this project (7.x-2.x) includes Views integration and therefore greater flexibility for creating custom reports and repurposing them in various ways, e.g., as APIs, CSV exports, etc.

Future Roadmap

Other functionality that I might want to include in the future includes:

  • A list of enabled modules (something simpler than the admin/modules page).
  • A list of all features and/or apps enabled by the Features and Apps modules, detailing what modules they enable, what content types and views they contain, etc.
  • A list of all contexts enabled by the Contexts module, detailing their contexts and reactions
  • Ability to export reports as structured data (e.g., XML or JSON).


One of the goals of this module is to provide an automatic exports for the information components listed in Palantir's Build Spec spreadsheet, as described here:

This module is also inspired in part by Sitedoc module (which is currently only available for Drupal 6).

Project information