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Applications and Postings allows users to submit postings to the site; these could be job postings, requests for proposals, calls for submissions, and so forth. Each posting has its own fieldable application form (much in the same way each content type has its own set of fields), allowing administrators to create separate application forms for each posting. Other users may then submit applications against these postings, up until a predetermined (and automatically enforced) deadline. These applications may be reviewed later on, potentially integrating with other modules for more advanced workflows.


  • Create postings for users to apply to, visible at /postings
  • Submit and edit applications against postings until automatically enforced deadlines
  • Postings act as fieldable "application types," allowing custom application forms for each separate posting
  • Limit how many applications may be submitted by each user to any given posting
  • "My Applications" tab added to each user's profile page
  • Import, export and clone existing postings (requires CTools)
  • Postings and Applications are first-class entities with their own CRUD API, along with Views and EntityFieldQuery support


Similar projects

  • Webform may be useful if you need the ability to create many one-off forms, but don't need features like automatically enforced deadlines, the ability to edit submissions, or prevention of multiple submissions from the same user.
  • If you do not need each posting to have its own application form or any of the module's other advanced features, consider simply creating a new content type instead.


Initial development of this module was sponsored by the Curtis R. Priem Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

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