Application Toolbar (Appbar)

This module provides a toolbar at the bottom of the window, like Facebook's old Application Bar, which can hold blocks (including menus, lists of recent content, etc.).

Drop-in styles are supported, and the module comes with four styles by default.

Note: Users with JavaScript disabled in their browser will not see the Appbar.

You can add blocks to the Appbar through the normal block configuration page by dragging any block to the Appbar region, or by using the Context module to place blocks in the Appbar region. You can also configure individual blocks to have them show inline on the bar instead of popping up above the bar when you click on the title.


The 6.x-2.x branch of Appbar includes an alert system; this was removed in 7.x-2.x in favor of using any of the several activity-related modules in a block instead.

You may want to try Taskbar instead of Appbar. Taskbar is basically the same thing as Appbar, but designed to be even more flexible by allowing things other than blocks to be put on the bar.

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