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This module is no longer maintained. Try Feeds ( or Aggregation ( module instead.

Aggregator2 allows for the collection and display of RSS and ATOM feeds as first class nodes within the Drupal framework. Now the content offered by RSS need not be limited to side blocks or static display units as is presently the case with Drupal and almost all other CMS applications.

Static RSS blocks are now a staple of the semantic web. But in some respects this display only use of the technology is more reminiscent of web 1.0 (HTML) than web 2.0 (data driven and aware). Aggregator2 changes all that and brings RSS content into the content management system proper which exposes a number of interesting possibilities for publishers. The most obvious are things like topic aggregation however this is just the beginning. In effect it creates a distributed publishing system.

If you like the blocks you can still have them as Aggregator2 allows the user to turn on block creation in the settings. None of the standard RSS aggregation and display has been removed -- only extended and/or made more flexible. Other options include the setting the number of feeds updated per cron run to minimize the possibility of systems slowing due to overly long feed updates.

The module comes with a few add on modules that may be enabled at the users discretion. Future releases will incorporate some of these modules functions based on the feedback from this release. Associated modules include:

Aggregator2 Logo: Associates an image with the nodes (items) created by and Aggregator2 feed. (see example site for visual overview of the function). NOTE: If the original content provider or feed publisher includes a logo and the webmaster/admin does not specifically choose and image url for Aggregator2 Logo then the module will display the image from the originating site.

Aggregator2 Autotaxonomy: Uses category information from aggregated data to create Drupal categories and associate created items with them.

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Autotaxonomy module by Mike Carter (

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