This feature allows a site maintainer to provide editors a way to create and edit static pages on the site, some of the important features include:

  • Allows editor to supply per node/page JS and CSS file which will get applied on that node alone.
  • Allows editor to create menu's without giving them administer menu permission.
  • Allow to publish/unpublish a page without giving administer content permission
  • Dashboard area to view all static pages.
  • Allows editors to create path alias, without giving "create and edit path aliases"


  • Kick-ass WYSIWYG editor.
  • Allow bulk operations on static page dashboard area

This module exists thanks to the generous support of HighWire Press, Stanford University and Faichi solutions

Supporting organizations: 
Sponser, Development, Support, Maintenance
Support, Maintenance
Development, Support, Maintenance
Development and Maintenance

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