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Adds Views2 support to the Ad module for Drupal 6.x and Views 2.

New maintainer needed

I am no longer able to maintain this module. New maintainer required. See the Issue raised on this. -- Miles
#1147632: Looking for new ad_views maintainer


The current release provides field support for:

  • Core Ad Module (inc. Ad, Ad Clicks, Ad Stats)
  • Views Relationships to node, user and files tables
  • Taxonomy support for Ad groups (and any other taxonomy terms required)
  • Advertisement row style supports rendering of any ad type supported by Ad module. The Ad Module provides a new base node type called Advertisement, rather than just adding fields to the node type.
  • Provided default view gives simple example of how to display ads
  • Field support for Ad Text, Ad Image, Ad Flash, Ad External and Ad HTML Modules
  • Documentation


Fields support to be included in due course:

  • Ad Notify (1 table)
  • Ad Owners (1 table)
  • Ad Channel (4 tables)

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