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Skip link block configuration
Skip link block output example

Accessible Skip Links generates skip links to any configured block on a page. Skip links are a way to provide visually impaired users the ability to skip to relevant content on a page, which aligns with Section 508 best practices.

Using this module, you can specify a "Skip Link Title" for any block. When a block with this configuration is displayed on a page, an anchor link will be added to the start of it's content, and a link to it will appear in the "Skip links block", which should be configured and added to the first region of a site's theme.


  • Accessible: provide visually impaired users a means to efficiently navigate your site
  • Extendible: use hook_skip_links_alter(&$links, &$page) to modify/add links before they are rendered.
  • Exportable: configuration is easily captured with Strongarm and Features.

Accessible Skip Links is very useful when used in concert with:

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