This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

ABN adds a new field type that stores and validates Australian Business Numbers.

This field also (optionally) pulls data from the Australian Business Register for publicly available information on entered ABNs. Syncing is done on cron runs using the Drupal core queue API to keep existing information fresh and the frequency of periodic polls can be configured to help manage server load for sites with large amounts of ABN data.

The data from the ABR is made available for display through formatters compatible with Views, Display Suite, etc. in the same way as user entered data.


This module was originally developed as an entry for a competition run by Reality Loop. The theme of the competition was growing Drupal within Australia.

Ongoing development is partially sponsored by Ivory Co. and Godel.


In order to enable syncing data from the ABR you will need to lodge an application for a GUID (Api key) with the ABR at and then enter it in your Drupal site at "admin/config/services/abn" (you will need the relevant permissions to view this page).

Be aware that applications for GUIDs lodged with the ABR involve both accepting their Terms and Conditions which notably include not "exposing" their API directly to your users and a waiting period of roughly 2 working days.

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