CDN UI module version 3.0-rc2 on Drupal 8

This module provides easy Content Delivery Network integration for Drupal sites. It changes file URLs, so that files (CSS, JS, images, fonts, videos …) are downloaded from a CDN instead of your web server.

It does not put your entire website behind a CDN.

Only Origin Pull CDNs are supported. These are CDNs that only require you to replace the domain name with another domain name. The CDN will then automatically fetch (pull) the files from your server (the origin). Nowadays pretty much every CDN is an Origin Pull CDN.

The CDN module aims to do only one thing and do it well: altering URLs to point to files on CDNs. It supports:

  • Any sort of CDN mapping
  • Preconnecting: lets browsers connect to the CDN faster (as well as the older and less beneficial DNS prefetching)
  • SEO: prevents CDN from serving HTML and REST responses, only allow files
  • Forever cacheable files (optimal far future expiration, using Cache-Control: immutable)
  • Auto-balancing files over multiple CDNs
  • … and many more details that are taken care of automatically

Project information