Was using ldap://my_ldap_server (port 389) and TLS without an issue until I was told that was only for testing. For production, I now have to use ldaps://my_ldap_server (port 636) and SSL without TLS. Now, I cannot bind with my service account. I'm able to run ldapsearch on the same system (using ldaps://) that Drupal is running on, and ldapsearch works fine. ldap.conf file is same.

I did a tcpdump trace and found that the drupal ldap module doesn't seem to be sending a SSLv2 "Client Hello," which is the first packet after the TCP handshake using ldapsearch. Drupal seems to send a SSL "Continuation Data" packet, instead of the client hello.


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I've stumbled on this myself. I was also getting the same problem with NSS authentication. Fixing the NSS problem seemed to assist with the LDAP module. My fix was to add 'TLS_REQCERT never' to the /etc/ldap/ldap.conf file (on linux/Debian sarge).

After that i've been having login problems with the bind process failing intermittantly. I'm trying to find the source of the problem.

Sammy Spets

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Thought it might be useful to add what I mean by intermittant.

I've managed to get the bind working occasionally by playing around with the settings:

  • Store passwords in encrypted form
  • Password for non-anonymous search

Kind of weird I know... but that's how it is!

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My fix was to add 'TLS_REQCERT never' to the /etc/ldap/ldap.conf file

Just checked... and that's in my ldap.conf file...

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Hmm... I'm wondering now if this is a PHP problem. I'm running some test scripts found on the php.net site for the ldap_bind() function, and it doesn't seem to send a SSLv2 "client hello" packet, either. I've tested the sample script on php4 and php5.

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I'm having to configure my drupal instance with ldap / SSL the same way mentioned above with the only exception that I run drupal on Windows 2003. ldapsearch works fine.
Does anybody know where I have to place the ldap.conf file? Do I need this file? Using SYSINTERNALS-Tools I found no request for such a file.
My error message is:
LDAP Bind failure for user uid=.... . Error 81: Can't contact LDAP server.
Netmon shoes about 16 tcp packages being exchanged before it stops. I don't know if php does not find the certificates for the ldap server. Does Windows (oder IIS) tell php dll where to look for the cert?

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Figured it out... under settings->ldapauth->Server Settings, the LDAP Server should be ldaps://your_ldap_server and set LDAP port to be 636. Apparently, to use SSL, you have to explicitly state the ldaps:// protocol. I apologize for my confusion.

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Do not appologize...

Thanks to your post, I have been able to quickly figure out how to cope with the same problem here. :-)

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Thanks for the post, this seems to have fix the secure ldap connection problem

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Also, if you are using Zend Server, it appears to have broken support for LDAPS. See

Possible fix/workaround described at http://taniwhasolutions.com/news/free-beer-not-good-enough

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Closing 4.7 issues to clean out issue queue.

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Hi man, I tryed to set my ldaps:// and 636 port but I still get the same error, did u set up something else to apache? or php?