I read in the module description that this module is being ported to D7. Can you tell us anything about the potential timeline for this?

This information would be useful for a lot of us considering moving to D7 some time next year!


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I don't know where matters stand with regard to a D7 upgrade. I happen to be the original creator of the E-publish module some five years ago, although I am no longer the current maintainer. I do still maintain a website which uses E-publish, however, and I have been thinking for some time that E-publish should be phased out and replaced with a solution that uses Views, CCK and Nodequeue's smartqueue API to provide the same functionality. Here's a recent comment to that effect which I posted to the OpenPublish Drupal group:


Back when I wrote E-publish originally, the Views and CCK modules for Drupal did not even exist yet. If they had existed, I would have much preferred to leverage their functionality. I think it would offer a great deal more flexibility and a better user interface. For one one E-publish website which I continue to maintain, I am thinking of doing a migration which would entail building an alternative to E-publish based on the modules I've mentioned above, and then packaging up that alternative using the Features module.

It would help, of course, if there were also a migration module or script that would assist in porting E-publish to this new solution. Is there anyone here who is currently using E-publish who might be interested in collaborating with me in this effort?

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I'm currently working on exposing existing epublish information via views in the D6 work. Eventually, one way or another, I'm going to need a D7 equivalent. If no one else gets there in the next 6 months, I'll probably dive into doing a D7 forward port. The site that I use epublish on has enough other D6 dependencies that I won't be able to make use of it until then.

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I've spent quite a bit of time over the weekend working on views functionality for epublish, and been thinking about the road to D7 for the site where I'm using epublish.

I think that there is a lot of good stuff in epublish that I'd hate to have to redo from scratch in another format. I do think we could get to the point where all (or at least most) of the display portions of the module were done by views, which would make conversion to D7 a lot easier. It would also mean built in pager support instead of all the limit 10 sql clauses that are currently in there.

To get there sanely it's probably worth refactoring a bit on the D6 to get the theme and db access bits separated cleaning. I'm going to plan to putter through some of this over the next couple of months. I think after that, D7 will be within reach of a clean port.

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any update here? Or could you point me to another source that would provide a good way to set up a magazine on Drupal?


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The OpenPublish distro for Drupal might be a good choice:


Its functionality is different than e-publish. OpenPublish is not about creating "editions" of publications. However, it offers some other functionality that e-publish doesn't offer for handling multimedia, article authors and their bios, and it has a nice layout that looks like a news website.

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Personally, I haven't looked at D7 yet, as there are many other modules holding back the main site I'm using epublish on to D6. I have been ramping up the SimpleTest tests in core, which should make the D7 port more sane for anyone that wanted to take it on.

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Any plan for porting this module to D7 or it is dropped?

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Looking for an update on porting to D7?

If it is dropped please share the information so that we could look in to alternatives.

Thanks for the help