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This module helps organize a group of nodes into a publication, such as a newspaper, magazine or newsletter. Each publication can have multiple editions. Within each edition, the E-Publish module also makes it possible to organize content by topic, similar to the way news websites such as the New York Times categorize their content using topics such as "international," "national," "sports," etc.

E-Publish Status the road to D7

Refactoring is under way for the D6 code to simplify the feature set, and make it easier to port to D7. This includes moving all database interaction out of the main module and into an internal api layer, rewriting all the theme functions to be display only (not grabbing data from the database inline), and extracting as many methods as possible to make this a tight code base. The schedule under way is to get a refactoring done by end of Nov 2012, and the port to D7 finished by end of Jan 2013, with a new and more intuitive admin UI.

Some features will be removed along the way, including abstracts, the blocks (which currently aren't working), headlines. The intent is to simplify down, have a tight core, then bring some functionality back via addons.

As usual, if you have any suggestions, tips, pointers, questions, comments, or smart answers, please do not hesitate to contact the maintainers with whatever your query may be.

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