I first new there was a problem when I discovered that anonymous users were refused access to the registration page.


Reading Drupal forum notes etc... I started to explore the database and tables out the back.
- Repairing the database didn't work.
- The registration page isn't a node, so I can't edit the permissions to access it
- I discovered that the sessions UID's listed registered users (1 etc) but not UID = 0 (anonymous users)

Could this be related to the problem at hand? It's interesting anyway :-), especially since I did a bulk mail to all the club members that the website was up and running an hour before I discovered the glitch!


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You need to edit the settings at admin/user/settings to allow anonymous users to register (create new accounts).

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Using Drupal 7, admin/user/settings becomes admin/people/permissions/roles.

On a whim I tried giving anonymous users all permissions (like an admin) but still get the same error on the /user/register page. Comparing previous databases shows that earlier on this was not a problem so I am trying to compare each database entry by entry in the tables.

..a slow process! :-)

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I figured the error had to be something I'd done... I smack my forehead with amusement!

(in drupal 7) through Modules,Core, User, configuration.
Displays as path...

I had unchecked the radio button -> Visitors, but administrator approval is required

Who can register accounts?

All working now. I can sleep again :-)