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The usernode module tries to make users nodes. It cares for automatically creation and deletion of a node for each user, the so called usernode.

It's not needed for building nodeprofiles, however it's still useful. Read Step 5 from the Getting Started tutorial, for an introduction, how usernodes play together with nodeprofiles.

As usernode creates a content page for each user you can use it for creating full featured user accounts and user profiles. Community members often use full featured user accounts and profiles as a way to express themselves within a community which is a major factor in their participation within an online community.

The usernode can take advantage of the full flexibility of the modular content system such that usernode can be integrated with comments, taxonomy, and other extensible modules. Usernode can also be used in user listings with the views module.

You can:

  • set the edit own username permission at administer >> access control.
  • visit your usernode through the My usernode menu item link in the navigation menu.
  • create a list of usernodes using the views module.
  • use it for presenting multiple nodeprofiles to the public
  • file issues, read about known bugs, and download the latest version on the usernode project page.

If you want to use it be sure to read the README.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.