As identified in #550428: Tags like "&nbsp;" or "<p>&nbsp;</p>" or "<br />" added to empty textareas., we should create a list of known issues somewhere.

The question is:

1) Where?

2) In which format?

3) How to structure it?

4) Who should be able to change/update/extend it?

5) What to cover (and what not)?

Some environmental data upfront:

- Known issues for Wysiwyg module should be mostly the same for D5/D6/D7, since also the code is almost identical.

- Some existing known issues likely get solved with every new release (e.g., 2.2).

- New issues may arise with new features (e.g., in 2.3).

- Most known issues are relevant for one or more particular editor libraries only.

- The existing FAQ might already contain entries that may rather be known issues. (not verified)


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just brainstorming...

a) Basic and classic: attached files in an issue called "List of known issues". Maybe managed via svn.
b) Outsourced: On a new wiki-like Drupal-Installation out in the web.
c) 8) (Where do I have to communicate such issues best?)

a) could be started now; b) within hours; c) ??

a) input: not clear yet - but if inbound into systems maybe .csv or .xml
b) output: Multiple formats - rss if possible.

If = 1a): Only the project maintainers
If >= 1b): Sounds like a wiki;

3 and 5 are very unclear now - but these points are fixed with each other and can grow.

So what can be done now:
More clearance about the, as you said, environmental data upfront.

I think a simple data structure like the following demo-entry would be fine:

Tags like <p>&nbsp;</p> or <br /> added to empty textareas

Code-Range (Drupal):
D5-5.1 - D6-6.2  or  >= D6-6.1

Code-Range (3rd-Party):
>= FCKeditor_2.6.6, ...

Related issues:
#550428, #123456...

Known Issue:
Lorem ipsum - the problem described

Best practices:
Lorem ipsum - related tipps/tricks/hints/snippets/links....
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To keep things simple for now, I've added a "Known Issues" section to the FAQ that currently lists regressions in the latest release.