When using a module that triggers on cron (feeds and aggregrator module), status messages are shown to anoymous users when poormanscron runs. This is undesired behaviour. In the 6.1 branch there was a check for this, but this seems not the case any more. Poormanscron should suppress these messages to anonymous users.
See also: #867054: Suppress status messages to anonymous users when using poormanscron and #371157: Don't show aggregator messages to anonymous users


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I meant #867054: Suppress status messages to anonymous users when using poormanscron and #371157: Don't show aggregator messages to anonymous users

This was the code to suppress messages in the 6.1 branch, but currently omitted in 6.2 and 7

    // Delete any messages added during the cron run (and existing prior
    // messages).

    // Restore any prior messages.
    if (isset($saved_messages)) {
      foreach ($saved_messages as $type => $types_messages) {
        foreach ($types_messages as $message) {
          drupal_set_message($message, $type);
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Any news on this? Is this the right issue queue, or is Drupal core the right place?

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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

It's not going to be fixed here until it were to be changed in core, and that is not likely. It should be the responsibility of the module implementing cron to not show messages, like your aggregator issue that you've linked to.

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Will report this back to the feeds issue queue and hope this will be resolved. Is it already fixed for aggregrator and poormanscron for Drupal 7 in core?

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I don't know if it is likely to be fixed in core or not, but if it were to, then an issue needs to be filed for it first. So, is there an issue filed for core?

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...I mean, it seems better if the issue could be solved in a single 'central' manner instead of relying on proper module coding. Right?

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agree with #6, subscribing

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I really think that this should be addressed within this module. If cron were to run normally (via a cron job on the server, and not through the method this module presents) then no user would see a message.

Therefore this isn't a core issue. Poormanscron sidesteps the way cron should run in core, by essentially letting anonymous users to run it. Because of this, this problem shouldn't be put off to core fixes -- the problem comes from this module and should be addressed in this module.

In the mean time, I'm gonna just try this:

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Status: Closed (works as designed) » Active
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fixed link to issue