I want the logo in my header (logo.png) to link to an outside URL instead of the home page. I just started using Firebug but can't decipher what file I need to alter to make this happen. Where do I change the attributes for that tag?


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go to your sites themes/themename/ folder and edit the page.tpl.php?

      <?php if ($logo) { ?><a href="<?php print $front_page ?>" title="<?php print t('Home') ?>"><img src="<?php print $logo ?>" alt="<?php print t('Home') ?>" /></a><?php } ?>

replace with:

 <?php $mynewurl='http://someothersite/';
 if ($logo) { ?><a href="<?php print $mynewurl ?>" title="<?php print t($mynewurl) ?>"><img src="<?php print $logo ?>" alt="<?php print t($mynewurl ?>" /></a><?php } ?>
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My themes folder is sites/all/themes/pixture_reloaded

the page.tpl.php in there doesn't have the code you indicate. This is all I have for the logo in page.tpl.php

        <?php if ($site_logo): ?>
          <div id="logo"><?php print $site_logo; ?></div>
        <?php endif; ?>"

So what else could be generating that code?

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Its in template.php - this theme preprocesses the normal ugly code used in most other themes.

Around line 108 in template.php find...

  if (!empty($vars['logo'])) {
    $vars['site_logo'] = 'Only local images are allowed.';

and change it to...

  if (!empty($vars['logo'])) {
    $vars['site_logo'] = 'Only local images are allowed.';
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Snap! Like a charm. Thanks y'all.

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Sorry, must reopen this topic!

Being relative new to drupal and php (was programming turbo pascal nearly 20 years ago), I still figured out what Jeff Burnz ist posting here, before I found this thread. But it does not work on my installation.

I use an own logo, not the standard one from drupal an my drupal version is 6.19 with german language. The theme "picture-reloaded" is great, exactly what I need, after having "garland" for the first time of my experience with drupal. And it will be even greater, when on click on the logo will lead to an specific url; external or to an defined page in my project.

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@#5 see #3, this has already been answered in detail. If its not working then you have 1) made a mistake or 2) changing something else as well that I don't know about.

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Thanks for your prompt answer, I did it again. No mistake, no changing, and "now" it works - but only, when the user has signed in!!! I don't tried this during my first quick test.

OK, better the before but my site ist mostly readable without an account and the need to log in. So I think, there must be another point of reference, because something happens behind the scenes, when the logo ist clicked without being logged on.

Thank you for your patience.

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I am also new with Drupal since some months.

The problem is:
I can´t find a possibility to link to an "outside url", if an user klicks on the Logo.

Although I read since days and nights about this problem, I read everywhere ..., but I could not solve that problem.

Might it be, that the cause of my current problem is, that there is a big
difference between the version of Pixture Reloaded to which the old question from above (from 2010) referres to, to my version of Pixture Reloaded?

I use:
Pixture Reloaded 7.x-3.0-rc1 (default theme) - enabled,
AT Admin, AT Core, AT Subtheme 7.x-3.1 - installed

There seems to be a difference between the code of the old version an the code of my version.

I am not familiar with php, learned 20 years ago turbo pascal and und understand very basic of css, only.
I really can´t find any solution and have worked at that Problem days and nights.
Is there anybody out there who can help me?
Am I allone with that problem???

My question is:
I can´t find a possibility to link to an "outside url", if the user klicks on the Logo.

In my pixture_reloaded\templates\page.tpl.php of that new version 7.x-3.0-rc1
does not exist a line as mentioned in the answeres before.

<?php if ($site_logo || $site_name || $site_slogan): ?>
          <!-- start: Branding -->
          <div id="branding" class="branding-elements clearfix">

            <?php if ($site_logo): ?>
            	<div id="logo">
                <?php print $site_logo; ?>
            <?php endif; ?>

            <?php if ($site_name || $site_slogan): ?>
              <!-- start: Site name and Slogan hgroup -->
              <hgroup id="name-and-slogan"<?php print $hgroup_attributes; ?>>

                <?php if ($site_name): ?>
                  <h1 id="site-name"<?php print $site_name_attributes; ?>><?php print $site_name; ?></h1>
                <?php endif; ?>

                <?php if ($site_slogan): ?>
                  <h2 id="site-slogan"<?php print $site_slogan_attributes; ?>><?php print $site_slogan; ?></h2>
                <?php endif; ?>

              </hgroup><!-- /end #name-and-slogan -->
            <?php endif; ?>

          </div><!-- /end #branding -->
        <?php endif; ?>

There is no href with the possibility to link to an "outside url".

PLEASE, PLEASE can somebody give me a hint.

It would be very pleased

In advance a very GREAT Thanks


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Its really this easy, in template.php and replace http://drupal.org with your URL, clear the cache, naturally:

function pixture_reloaded_preprocess_page(&$vars) {
  $vars['site_logo'] = $vars['logo_img'] ? l($vars['logo_img'], 'http://drupal.org', array('attributes' => array('title' => t('Home page')), 'html' => TRUE)) : '';
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Dear all,
Some suggestion to solve this issue in Drupal 8.x?.

Luis M.