Release info

Created by: kbahey
Created on: August 4, 2010 - 22:36
Last updated: August 4, 2010 - 22:48
Core compatibility: 5.x
Release type: Security update

Release notes

Changes since 5.x-1.2:

  • #498028: Fix kprint_r() not displaying $name.
  • #260197: Fix (back-port fix) typo in kprint_r()
  • Don't try to show the second block if the $nid doesn't exist (page not found).
  • Turn the node nid/title into a link fragment pointing to the node (especially useful on pages with multiple nodes).
  • Avoid marking inactive grant records as granting access.
  • Fix minor cosmetic bug (show '0' instead of nothing for FALSE).
  • Fix failure to detect some 'alien' {node_access} records (records that should not be in the table and would be removed by rebuilding permissions).
  • SA-CONTRIB-2010-079