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Last updated: December 24, 2010 - 23:12

Release notes

- Input formats was completly rewritten to load input formats really from code.
- #866966: moved Input Formats to User Interface package to be close of Wysiwyg module.
- #859754, #852810, #845920, #867168, #825064 are desestimated due they don't apply with this new approach.
- Features export now depends of ctools, exportables and strongarm API. CTools 1.7 or greather is needed.

Run update.php is required.

A few notes about this release. Prior beta-2, input formats wasn't loading input formats settings from code. Instead of that, every time a new input formats was installed from a feature or a module, its content was copied into the database.

This is not how objects from code should work.

Beta 2 works in a different way. Using Strongarm variables that filters needs to work are provided dynamically. Also, Ctools 1.7 provide new options to join tables. Taking advantage of this new features, input formats 6.x-1.0-beta2 rely on Ctools, Strongarm and Exportables 2 to work with input formats from code.

This release is totally different to Beta-1, so, is not true that this version is more stable than beta-1. Please don't use it in production sites.

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