anyone integrated a data grid into Drupal?

something like:

tips? tricks? Drupal module that does the same thing?



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Hi There,

We'll give you some grid code for the Nitobi Grid if you want to do the integration and re-release it. Contact me offline.


andre.charland - at - gmail

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PHP datagrid component using JQGrid (based on JQuery). This library can generate fully featured CRUD application in record time.

1. include("jqgrid.php");
2. $g = new jqgrid();

3. $grid["caption"] = "My Sample Grid"; // set grid customizable params
4. $g->set_options($grid);

5. $g->table = "tags"; // db table for CRUD operations
6. $out = $g->render("my_grid_1");

This code will result in fully functional Jquery Grid (JqGrid) with

* Add
* Edit
* Delete
* Search
* Auto-filter
* Sort
* Pagination
* Export
* Multiple Themes (ThemeRoller)
* and almost all features available for FREE … which cost $449 on official commercial license.

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Hi, Before saying anything, let me congratulate the team who make this grid, is excelent!!!

I want to implement this grid on a drupal site, maybe on a block or a Page, can I do it? Where am I supposed to put the conf.php include sentence?

If you guarantee me I can, can you support me if I need help in parameters or something like this?

Thanks in Advance

Marcelo Parra