i have installed ALL required dependency mods and everything looks setup correctly (no errors). these include:

- print mod -dev branch (latest vs)
- dompdf mod -dev branch (latest vs)
- dompdf-0.5.1 downloaded from Google Code
- views_bonus mod -dev branch (latest vs)

the only issue is @ this url in the admin section: /admin/settings/print/pdf

i get this note on that page: "No PDF generation tool found! Please dowload a supported PHP PDF generation tool. Check this module's INSTALL.txt for more details."

what am i doing wrong? is the dompdf mod no longer supported? any input is highly appreciated ...



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this message was generated due to my misunderstanding! so i'm closing the issue. i mistakenly got confused with another similar sounding Drupal module called "dompdf", which has nothing to do with the config of this mod. i now get ALL config pages in admin and no errors (yet) :-)

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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This thread helped me solve my problem as well, but it wasn't clear what I had done wrong at first. I thought I'd clarify for anyone else stumbling upon it.

The Dompdf module makes dompdf available to some other modules, but it doesn't work with Printer Friendly (at least not without modifying the path somehow). The dompdf files need to go in /modules/print/lib for them to be accessible to Printer Friendly. The Dompdf module isn't necessary at all.

If you've already installed Dompdf as a module, just move the contents of /modules/dompdf/dompdf/ to /modules/print/lib and all should be well. You can then delete the empty dompdf module folder.

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well, I still get the message and I installed the dompdf module and moved the files into /modules/print/lib and deleted the dompdf module - now what to do??

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@ atheologist: Best advice I can give you is to disable/uninstall "dompdf" mod and then install the "Printer, e-mail and PDF versions" mod :-) worx for me very well ... ;-)

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@atheologist: indeed, the dompdf module is now obsolete, but if you really want to complain about it, you should add an issue in that module's issue queue.

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doesnt work for me either , tried every combination of enabling, disabling, reenbling and uninstalling / reinstalling etc - same error

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Make sure that the "dompdf library handler" module is enabled (which ships with the print module).

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pasting dompdf-master folder from /sites/all/modules into /sites/all/modules/print/lib worked for me!

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The #9 also works for me with a clean install. Thank you

While under my criterion is preferred another path supported all / libraries / ...

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Although this is an old thread I still landed here looking for info. This might be of help to someone else:

There one line in the instructions that I overlooked, but when noticed my problem was near solved:

Download dompdf from https://github.com/dompdf/dompdf (Do not install the latest 0.7.x version because dompdf_config.inc is not included in this install - instead, run `git co 0.6.2` to checkout the most recent working tag)

Part 2 to solving the problem was:

The required php-font-lib is not included with the current download so if you need to download and install it manually. Tag 0.2.2 works, the current 0.3.x development has changed the directory structure and breaks compatibility with DOMPDF if not installed with composer More information

I just downloaded the correct tag and copied the contents to /sites/all/libraries/dompdf/lib/php-font-lib

Then all was right with my print pdf world.