Views_Slideshow 6.xx-2.1
Views 6.x-2.10
Drupal 6.16
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When I set the Style to be Slideshow it accepts Slideshow as the style and then attempts to open the Style Options area, but stops after only printing the heading of "Block: Style Options". If I then click the style options icon myself, the result is the same, it prints the heading of "Block: Style Options" but does not print the rest of the form so I cannot change anything.

Any ideas?


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Same problem here. Views Slideshow 6.x-2.1 with Views 6.x-2.10. I even used the MS web dev tool to artificially expand the divs vertically (to see if there was any hidden content in them), and I found nothing. The HTML (after clicking the style options icon) is:

<DIV id=views-ajax-form>
<DIV id=views-ajax-title>Block: Style options</DIV>
<DIV id=views-ajax-pad></DIV></DIV>

Ie. the ajax responding function (responsible for the contents of the "views-ajax-pad" div) seems to be returning nothing at all.

PS - Same thing happens whether I install "Views Slideshow: ThumbnailHover" or "Views Slideshow: SingleFrame".

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Are there any javascript errors when you look at the site in firebug? Does this happen if you use Garland? What browser are you using?

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I was able to replicate this in IE 7. Does any solutions or potential problems reported in this bug report apply to you?

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I can't tell you much anymore because I gave up. Now I'm using jQuery cycle instead.

But I can tell you that yes, the host was running IIS and we did have to make some weird mods to allow access to the subdomain. So although I don't have the data at hand anymore, I'm guessing that the htaccess rules may have been involved, probably similar to what jlmeredith reported on the other thread. Worth checking out for anyone who has this problem.

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@As If. That's too bad. :( I figured out the issue and I'll be posting a fix soon. It was a stray div in the settings.

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769 bytes

Here is the patch. It's such a small change that I committed it.

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Priority: Normal » Critical

Boy, this is such crucial patch. I was about to give up on the module as this just doesn't work in IE7 (atleast ) without this patch.
I say this really deserve a new release because of this patch.

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I'm ba-a-ack!

I just installed the module on another site, with the patch, and it worked splendidly.

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I completely agree - release another release! Without the v2.1-dev version (patch) I was unable to update the view style!

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New release coming tomorrow

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.