For testing purposes, I have a site in a /drupal/ folder, so there is that path on all URLs. I have no menus installed so


is trying to help me build a link back to


in the status message so I will see it, and go fix that, but it when it builds the link, it puts my domain WITHOUT the subfolder on the hyperlink, so it's broken. Perhaps a string parsing thing?

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Category: bug » support
Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

Not sure if you have your web server configured to understand the url. If the site is in drupal/sites/, then the url is as opposed to mybox/ Please provide more details. At this point, there is no indication this is a bug.

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Thanks for the reply - I am really new to this, and appreciate the help and patience!

It was right after installing the module, I went to
and there was a box over the settings area that said

"No menus have been defined to be mapped. Add menus here and then return to this page to define mappings."

and "here" was hyperlinked to


with a leading slash, which on my site is not correct, it would be


for me.

I am having a lot of trouble getting started, is there any way you could send me a quick setup step list for a simple two taxonomy setup? I just want to show a way to filter by either taxonomy A or taxonomy B on each other's pages.

I appreciate any pointers!

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- enable the taxonomy filter modules
- for multiple term filtering, you will need the "Multi Term" module
- for node counts, enable the "Count Results" module
- create terms under vocab A and B
- create some content and tag the content with terms from vocab A and B as appropriate
- Example:
- node 1 has terms A-1, B-1, B-2
- node 2 has terms A-1, B-1, B-2
- node 3 has terms A-1, B-2, B-3
- enable the filter menu blocks
- admin/build/block
- set the region for one or more of the taxonomy filter blocks
- setup the filter menus
- admin/settings/taxonomy_filter
- add a menu using the base menu template
- admin/settings/taxonomy_filter/general
- leave the defaults
- admin/settings/taxonomy_filter/mappings
- for each vocab, set the refine criteria menu to your base menu
- click Save settings
- click the Edit link for vocab A, select vocab B in the vocabs list, click Save settings
- click the Edit link for vocab B, select vocab A in the vocabs list, click Save settings

Navigate to URL = taxonomy/term/%tid replacing %tid with the tid of term A-1.
You should see:
- a content listing with nodes 1, 2 and 3
- a filter menu with items of terms B-1, B-2 and B-3 which if clicked will filter the content listing

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Thank you very very much for the 1,2,3!

I think it may be an issue with Ubercart. I am going to set up some content using non UC taxonomies and see if there is any change. It looks like we may need to do our own catalog views to get the features we need,

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verta- How is it coming? I am struggling with this, too, and also under Ubercart. UC sets the paths to be category/catalog/[term] (in my case), so I think taxonomy_filter just needs to know to be displayed under that different path. I have also tried creating my own view with a path "products/[tid]", and while one of the tax_filter blocks shows, it doesn't actually refine the way it did when using the out-of-box taxonomy paths.

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I have not had time to look at this recently, but our team's thinking is that we will likely not use the UC "catalog" code but rather we will write our own product presentation using views and modules like this one. Trying to mix and match seems to be not meeting our needs.

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I want to provide some glimmer of hope for you, and maybe I will carve some time to work up a handbook page-- seems those things got structured a lot more since i first signed up for this madness :D

My desire is to have the main nav list the product categories and, when clicked, allow the user to refine his search by clicking down into the related but not anyhow attached vocabulary "brand". Using taxonomy_filter, I appear to have achieved it!

What I've got:
- Ubercart
- View with path "products" which takes in a single argument, tax termid(s).
- two taxonomy vocabularies: Catalog and Brand
- My menu of catalog categories is a taxonomy view listing just the product categories

For now, at least, I am offering BOTH category and brand search refinement. Here's how:

# In tax filter, add two base (not context) template-based menus: ProductCategories, BrandNames.
# On Mappings tab, set Catalog refine criteria on ProductCategories, set Brand on BrandNames. Click Edit on the mappings to make Catalog show on Brand and Brand show on Catalog.
# On Advanced, set the listening path to products/%tids/%depth (I think %depth is not at all needed for me) and change url out to be the same.
# Not sure which of the two Blocks I needed to enable (refinement and current), so I enabled both for now :)

Now, when I click a product category, I am shown refinement filters for all brand names that have nodes/products in that product category. When I click a brand, I get just that brand's matches, and I can remove either filter above, too. Cool. Perfect :) Now for some refinement and theming..

See screenshots. Sorry I didn't label them, but maybe it will be clear when looking side-by-side. GOOD LUCK!

[EDIT: Oops, I see we have hijacked your own thread. If continuing on this thread, it may be good to change the title.]

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Yes, I hijacked my own thread by replying on the wrong one ... thanks for all the info, I'm still processing it. Might have a chance to try it out soon, will let you know!

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Ive setup the menu's like you said, but still no filter menu is displayed. Also made sure the menu is in the lefthand block, no joy. Any ideas?

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I am not seeing more than one filter block.

I have a couple of nodes with terms from 3 vocabularies.

I setup the first menu as a base menu for Filter by Category. I also need filtering by Filter by Color, and Filter by Material, but neither of those are showing up, and there are nodes that make use of all 3 vocabularies.

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In the vocabulary mapping settings, are all applicable vocabularies selected for each vocabulary? Is the "Multi Term" module from this project enabled?

What other modules do you have enabled (that might interact/interfere with this module)?

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I have Taxonomy Image enabled, Views, the rest don't deal with taxonomy.

I have 3 menus setup all pointing to the 3 vocabularies, which shows all the filters. However, Category is setup as a dynamic filter because it is nested 3 levels deep. The other two are flat, and set as a base filter. Do they all have to be setup as a base to work?

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Okay... I think I have it... However I would like filters to show even if there are no node results. I am developing a site without content right now, and the filters only seem to show when there is at least 1 result, even with the configuration on to display if no node exists.

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Yes, you are correct. The setting to "display term links that do not match any nodes" was essentially removed by a commit in 2009. That same commit significantly improved the performance of determining the node counts associated with a combination of terms. Why would you want such a feature on a production site with real content?

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Okay. I think what I am looking for is a search flexible like Solr (multiple cats, compound searching). I am struggling with the Catalog module or the Taxonomy Filter to do a sticky search but not getting the results I am looking for with either, presentation wise. A tough spot in Drupal.

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I followed all the step still I am not able to view any of the three blocks.

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We are having the same issue posted here. Will turn my attention to this thread. Subscribe !

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Any advice on how to implement on a Drupal 7 install, I believe it's 7.10, whatever the latest is. The instructions above indicate to update the 6.x links to whatever 7's may be, but for the life of me, even after searching multiple ways, I can't even start to use them. I've got the blocks placed in regions, but nothing is configured and I can't get it started.

Thank you if anybody catches this post!