Is it possible to have an integration with a wysiwyg editor, such as CK editor, tinyMCE or BUEEditor?
The idea is to have a obx wich allow to select a view, and then a display, and the ability to specify arguments.

i'm interested in BUEditor particularly.

Thank in advance

#2 788382-insert_view-ckeditor-2.patch11.44 KBhefox
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the Node Embed module is a similar module, but instead of views it allows embedding of nodes. It has FCKeditor integration, and it may have wysiwyg later: #778592: Remove dependancy on FCKeditor, support WYSIWYG. When that happens we can easily reuse the code, or merge the modules..

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Here's patch for ckeditor based on node_embed

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that sounds awesome :)

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the icon is missing you used in this patch. is this for wysiwyg? because the plugin is not selectable in the options of the editor.