Insert View is a filter that allows users to embed content lists generated by the Views module into node bodies and blocks using relatively simple tag syntax.

Why would you want to use an Insert View tag when you could just invoke a view using PHP? Simple. When you want to allow users to insert views or edit content on a page with an inserted view without granting them permission to use PHP.

The tag syntax is [view:name=display=args]
The parameters are: view name, view display id, view arguments.

Valid examples:
[view:my_view] is replaced by the content listing.
[view:my_view=my_display] invokes the view using the specified display.
[view:my_view=my_display=arg1/arg2/arg3] invokes the view using the specified display and passes arg1, arg2 and arg3 to the view.
[view:my_view==arg1/arg2/arg3] passes arg1 to the view and will use the "default" display set for the view.

Read README.TXT for more information.

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