Hey guys,

Thank you to the people who left comments to my post yesterday, I have drupal up and running. I have what seems to be a really common thing-- my "files" directory is not writable. Now, I've been reading about this all day, so I have a basic idea of what's going on. I know I need to change my permissions to 755, but the problem is that I'm so new to this that I really don't quite know how to do that correctly. I have very little experience using the command prompt.

My drupal is located in:


and I made the directory "files" inside of that, so:


So. I need to make the files directory writable. I typed into my command prompt:

chmod 755 /Applications/xampp/htdocs/drupal/files

and nothing happened. Any suggestions? Remember, I'm reaaaally new with this, so you'd have to take me step by step. Thanks in advance.



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thats a little tricky. delete the file and make it again with the proper permissons. also be careful for audio image and video modules directories. if safe mode is on for you, then before activating the modules create the necessary folders. u can for now, make the name of the folder not "files" just sth else and give it proper permissions and next save the path in admin > settings. maybe a clever and more experienced guy can show you a better way and tell with a better english ;)

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755 makes a file or folder writable by the owner. If you chown the files directory to the same owner as php, php will be able to write to the directory, but everyone else can only read from it. Otherwise, you will probably have to chmod to 757 or 777, which is not such a great way to do things.

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Can you tell me how to find out who the php owner is as I had to chmod 777 my files directory. As soon as I 775 it I get the directory files not writable error. I am running 4.7.3 on a Fedora Core 5 server with full root permissions available. I did try setting up a php script to chmod as advised in various postings but this doesn't seem to change the permission. All the files seemed to be owned by 1055 which I assume Drupal creates as part of the install.

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I have the same problem.